How to Clean a Sausage Caulking Gun

How to Clean a Sausage Caulking Gun In 10 Simple Steps

Sausage caulking guns provide a versatile and convenient way of applying caulk, sealants, and adhesives. They are often used in construction and renovation projects. 

The main purpose is to apply a consistent layer of sealant or adhesive material onto a surface. This can help create a watertight seal around doors and windows or fill in cracks and gaps in walls. 

After extended use, these hand tools can become dirty and caked with dried sealant. You must know how to clean a sausage caulking gun to ensure optimal performance. 

Cleaning the caulking gun is easy and only requires a few simple steps. We will demonstrate the entire process, so continue reading.

How to Clean a Sausage Caulking Gun? Step By Step Guide

How to Clean a Sausage Caulking Gun

Cleaning sausage caulking guns is imperative since, if they are not cleaned properly, they can become clogged and difficult to use. 

Over time, the caulk can harden inside the gun, making it difficult to squeeze out. Furthermore, caulk can also accumulate on the nozzle, hindering the ability to apply a smooth bead. 

Therefore, it is important to regularly clean sausage caulking guns to keep them in good working condition. You need to follow these steps:

Step 01: Gather the Necessary Materials and Supplies

Before starting any work, it is always better to gather all the supplies you need. This way, you can avoid having to stop in the middle of what you’re doing to look for something. For cleaning a sausage caulking gun, you will need the following items:

  • Long barrel brush
  • Putty knife or a scraper
  • Bolt wrench
  • Clean rag
  • Water
  • Mild dish soap

After gathering all the supplies, you can move on to the next step. As a result, the process of cleaning will be simplified and expedited.

Step 02: Detach the Nozzle

In a sausage gun, the nozzle is the point where the sausage of caulk meets the surface to be caulked. 

The nozzle controls the flow of the caulk and helps to ensure a smooth, even bead. It also helps to prevent waste by allowing only the amount of caulk needed for the job to be dispensed.

For cleaning purposes, the nozzle needs to be removed from the gun. This can be done by twisting it counterclockwise until it comes off. 

Once the nozzle is removed, set it aside in a safe place where it will not get lost or damaged.

Step 03: Remove the Caulk from the Gun

Sausage caulking gun tips

With the nozzle removed, you can see the sausage pack inside the gun. The next step is to remove this pack from the gun. 

To remove the sausage caulk pack, you need to press the gun’s trigger. As you press the trigger, the piston will push the sausage of caulk through the gun. 

The entire process can be messy, so it is advisable to do it over a trash can or some other type of container. Once all the caulk has been taken off the gun, you may proceed with the next process.

Step 04: Unscrew the Piston

A piston consists of a metal rod that runs through the center of a sausage of caulk. When the trigger is pressed, this piston pushes out the caulk. 

It is necessary to remove the piston in order to clean the gun properly. Simply use a bolt wrench or other suitable tool to loosen the piston. Once the piston is unscrewed, you can remove it from the gun.

Step 05: Disconnect the Cylinder

The cylinder is the metal tube that holds the caulking tube. To remove the cylinder, you need to unscrew the retaining ring. 

This retaining ring is located at the end of the cylinder opposite the trigger. Simply turn the ring counter-clockwise until it comes loose. 

After the retaining ring is removed, you can press the plunger and pull the cylinder out of the gun. After the cylinder is removed, there is only the trigger assembly with the piston rod remaining.

Step 06: Mix Soapy Water

Once all the removable parts have been taken out, it is time to start cleaning. For this purpose, you will need to mix water and mild dish soap to create a soapy solution. This solution will be used for cleaning all the parts of the sausage caulking gun.

Step 07: Wash the Nozzle

The first part of cleaning is the nozzle. To remove any residue from the nozzle, merely immerse it in soapy water and scrub it with a brush.

If you notice any stubborn residue, you can use a putty knife or scraper to remove it. When the nozzle is clean, rinse it off with clean water and set it aside to dry.

Step 08: Clean the Cylinder

After cleaning the nozzle, you can proceed to clean the cylinder. Simply place the cylinder under soapy water and wash it using a long barrel brush to thoroughly clean it. 

You will then be able to ensure that the silicone caulk will flow smoothly when you use the gun again. When the cylinder has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse it thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

Step 09: Wash the Piston and Trigger Assembly

The trigger assembly and piston are among the most important components found in a sausage caulking gun. This is because it is responsible for moving the caulk tube through the gun. 

Generally speaking, the cleaning process for this assembly is similar to that of the cylinder. Rub the assembly with a soft cloth or brush after immersing it in the cleaning solution. Once you’ve got it clean, rinse off with water and allow it to dry completely.

Step 10: Reassemble the Gun

Once all the parts are clean, you can now proceed to reassemble the sausage caulking gun. Start by placing the cylinder back into the gun. 

Make sure that the O-ring is in place before screwing on the retaining ring. Next, insert the piston’s screw. You can now place the new sausage of caulk cartridge into the gun. Finally, screw on the nozzle, and your gun is ready to use.

If you have followed the cleaning sausage caulking gun tips above, your gun should be as good as new. 

So, the next time you use it, there will be no more worries about any residue or build-up. Now that you know how to clean a sausage adhesive gun properly, you can keep it in optimum condition for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are some common questions that people have about sausage caulking guns. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers below.

1. How Often Should I Wash My Sausage Caulking Gun?

You should clean the sausage caulking gun after each use. This will help to ensure that there is no residue left in the gun.

2. Why Does the Caulk Ooze Automatically from a Caulk Gun?

Several factors may cause the caulk to ooze from a caulking gun. In some cases, outdated caulk will become too soft and may begin to ooze. There may be a problem with the trigger assembly as well.

3. Can I Use WD-40 to Clean the Sausage Caulking Gun?

The sausage caulking gun should not be cleaned with WD-40, not even dripless caulking guns. This is because WD-40 is a petroleum-based product, and it will damage the seals in the gun.

4. How Do I Store the Sausage Caulking Gun?

If your sausage caulking gun is not in use, you should store it in a cool and dry environment. Please ensure that the gun is unloaded before storing it. You should also consider covering the gun with a piece of cloth to protect it from dust.


After reading this article, we hope you have gained a deeper understanding of how to clean a sausage caulking gun. You can see that it is not an excessively difficult procedure. 

Make certain you clean the gun after each use and keep it in a cool, dry area when it isn’t in use. By following these tips, you can keep the sausage caulking gun functional for a long time. So, don’t wait any longer and start cleaning your gun today.

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